Video Poker

Video poker is an online casino game that you will play and get excited just like any other thrilling online casino game. This game will usually combine some aspects of online slots and poker all put under one machine so that you can fully enjoy the game. In comparison to most of the games that you will play at the various online casino websites and win by luck, video poker will usually require you to be able to combine skill strategy and luck for you to be able to win the game.  All this will come if you consistency practice and play this game on a regular basis. Like playing the live poker game, the short outcome of this game will depend on the luck that you will be having while the long term result will usually depend on your skills.

How to play video poker:

To get started, we will be referring to the image above. The first thing that you will need to do is insert money into the machine. Since you will be playing on your computer, you will have to click on the chips that will be located at the bottom of the image/screen in your case. Once you have done that, you determining how much money you will want to place as your bet per hand. You will do this by deciding the credit size i.e. the number of credits that you’d like to bet per hand.

Once you are done with this, you get to choose how many credits you would like to bet per hand. As a professional, I would advise you to go for the five credits per hand as you may receive large bonuses in the event that you get to make a royal flush. This is just a recommendation if you can afford it; if you cannot, you just bet what you can afford.

Once you are done with this, you will start dealing the hand. You get to deal the hand after you have received your five cards. Decide which cards you would like to hold and which deal. If you get to win, you receive your payout; if you lose, you will have to try again and see if you will get lucky.

With all this said, you are good to start playing video poker. You will get to learn more once you play more often.


There are quite a number of strategies that you can use while playing this kind of game. These strategies are usually aimed at reducing the house edge of this particular game and increase your chances of winning in the process. However, the following tips will help you as a beginner or a professional to play this game and win in the process;

Pick a game that you will be comfortable playing and one that is easy to master. As a recommendation, select the original Video Poker games, the Jacks or Better, as this was one of the original games.

Practice more often to master the basics and become a guru in the game. They usually say that practice makes perfect. You practice more often, you perfect the game. At each and every online casino, there is usually the play money option that allows you to play a particular game for a few minutes before you can start spending money. Make sure that you have exploited this option.

You can learn various strategies and perfect on them to play the game. Get to know the different poker hands and master each one of them to get better in the game.

Practice play:

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