Sweden Gambling

Like other developed nations, Sweden too is involved on the gambling platform. However, the gambling sector has been operated for long by a sole monopoly. In 1997, there was an agreement between two major lotteries that decided to merge and for Svenska Spel, which has since monopolized the industry. The main argument by the government in support of the monopoly is to curb problems associated with the game. This has however created zero competition on the field.

Provision of online gambling in Sweden

Being an internet thing, online gambling is everywhere. In Sweden however, the online gambling is controlled by Svenska Spel only making it a monopoly. This is therefore the sole site on the Swedish soil that is allowed to offer online gambling creating zero competition and also the power to control their clients.

Swedish online gamblers are however open to over 240 online casinos that are based outside Sweden but have software that support the Swedish language and currency. There are various sites that allow the Swedish people to gamble. These include Win A Day, VC Casino, Microgaming among others. These allow Credit cards and give the online gamblers an opportunity to select a language of choice.

What is the future of Swedish online gambling?

The most devastating thing about online gambling in Sweden is the fact that the site in controlled by a monopoly. This has however raised concern and the European Union has also raised a voice concerning this. The European Union is pushing on the government to embrace an open market and allow other gambling companies to open up business and therefore give room for competition. The government has since shown signs of allowing other companies into the field in future. This will give the Swedish gamblers a right of choice.

Regulations of online gambling is Sweden

The Swedish government has designed legal acts that ensure that gambling is totally controlled by the Swedish state and its associated agencies. This acts include the Lottery Act of 1994 and the Casinos Act of 1999. The Lottery Act prohibits undertaking of any unlicensed gambling activity with the argument of preventing crime, addiction and maintaining order.