Roulette is no doubt one of the easiest online casino game to play. It’s a game that does not require you to have prior knowledge if you are planning on playing for fun. If however you want to play the game for money and professionally, you can use different strategies available to lower the house edge.

History of Roulette:

Roulette dates back to the 17th century in France. The name itself is a French word that means “little wheel”. Since then, this game has become popular especially in Monte Carlo, Monaco, that is renowned for having some of the best online casinos with this game.

Rules of playing roulette:

Roulette is a casino game that you will be playing together with eight other online casino players against a dealer who will be representing the house. It is this dealer who will usually be spinning the wheel as well as handle the payouts and bets at the site.

Before you start to play, you will be required to purchase chips that will vary in color. The various colors will represent the various values of the chips and will also help to avoid mixing them up while at the table. When you finish playing and have won some bets, you will ask the dealer to change the color-coded chips for cash chips corresponding to the color so that you can go and get exchanged for real cash.

Once you have acquired the correct chips, you can start playing the game by placing the various bets on numbers that are on the roulette table layout. Betting is usually on the inside or outside depending on your preference, and you will win the bet if the number that you predicted the ball will stop on stops the ball. After this, you will click on the button that will appear on the screen to start the game (in the event that you will be playing against the computer) or the dealer will spin the wheel and throw the ball against the spinning wheel. Once the ball stops on the correct number that you had predicted, you will win the bet; if not, you lose the bet.

Types of roulette games:

There are different kinds of online roulette out there with the most common ones being the European and the French roulette. The American roulette/French Roulette is played using an additional double zero making the house edge to rise to 5.26%. It is also characterized by having huge payouts.  For the European roulette, it will have only one zero making the house edge to be very small i.e. 2.7%. The other common ones include;

Multi – Wheel Roulette – this unique type of roulette can be found in online casinos that run on the Microgaming casino platform. Playing such a game involves you making a bet on a number of wheels of up to 8 in simultaneous fashion.

Live Roulette – this form of roulette allows you to play in a real casino environment that is characterized by a real dealer spinning the wheel.

Roulette tips and strategies:

There are quite a number of strategies that you can use while playing roulette. The following are some of the most common and efficient ones;

D’Alembert system – using this strategy will require you to use a mathematical equilibrium. It is mainly used in outside bets of even money and will help in keeping the amount of losses small.

Labouchere system – this kind of strategy enables you to use a given series of numbers placed in a line to help in determining the amount to bet, resulting from a loss or win.

Martingale system – this is one of the most popular roulette online strategies. It involves doubling your bets after every loss with the hope of the first win recovering all the losses incurred.

Practice the game:

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