Online Casino Tournaments

Tournaments are the easiest and safest way to try and make money from an online casino website. This is because you can have a chance of participating in some of the tournaments without having to spend even a single cent.  At this tournaments, you will have a chance of playing some of the games that you are very conversant with and therefore increasing your chances of winning and at the same time get to enjoy. Some of the most popular online casino tournaments include the following;

Sit and go tournaments is a kind of tournament that can take between 20 and 60 minutes and mostly comprises of 6 – 10 players. On the SNGs tournaments, you are usually not allowed to purchase more chips once the ones that you are using have run out. The games in this tournaments will usually commence as soon as the last person has sat on the table with the top three players receiving the winnings. The winnings of a sit and go tournament are usually broken down as follows;

  1. The winner will usually take 50% of the total pot.
  2. 2nd placed player will usually take 30% of the total pot.
  3. 3rd placed player will usually take 20% of the total pot.

This division is usually for 10 players. In the event that only 6 players have participated, only the winner and runners up will usually take a share of the pot with the 1st player receiving 75% of the total and the 2nd receiving 25% of the total amount.

The freeroll casino tournament is also another popular online casino tournament. As the name suggests, it is an online casino tournament that you sign up for free without any entry fee. As a result, this kind of tournament tends to have very many players. Unlike the sit and go tournament that does not allow you to buy more chips once you have registered, this kind of tournament will allow you to buy more credits once you have exhausted the ones that you will be using.

The other kind of tournament that you are likely to come across is the Scheduled tournament. As the name suggests, this kind of tournaments will always have specific dates set for them to take place and will strictly stick to the dates.

Facts about online casino tournaments that you did not know.

If you are a beginner, here are some of the facts that will help you participate in your first tournament without much struggle;

Always know that the rows that have been colored green will usually indicate that the tournament has begun.

If you want to play scheduled tournaments at any particular time of the day, you should try out the microgaming casinos. They normally have these tournaments for smaller prizes going on at all times of the day depending on the location that you come from. These casinos also run sit and go tournaments which commence as soon as the required number of players has reached.

If you want fair tournaments, you should try the ones that are offered by the Net Entertainment casinos. This is because this online casinos usually use an equalized payout system that determines who wins and ignores the size of the bet.