Norway Gambling

Gambling is an activity that is being practiced all over the world and Norway is not a country to be excluded. Gambling in Norway has been a popular activity since time immemorial. However, just like some other countries with strict rules on the game, Norway has tight restrictions about gambling. In fact, it has been considered by authorities as a profanity since the 1950s.  With all the restrictions however, the Norwegians have become one of the best gamblers in the world and this has seen on youngster (Annette Obrestad) who is the youngest player to win the World Series of Poker. In the present time, Norway has been ranked number three in gambling and this has led to the government imposing even tighter regulations.

Regulations of gambling in Norway

The addiction of the game landed in Norway with a boom leading to most rural people of this Scandinavian nation getting involved in gambling. This raised the concern of the government leading to restrictions onto the games.

There are only two legal betting companies in Norway. These are The Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. The two are state owned and are totally controlled by the state. Rikstoto is totally entitled to oversee tote betting and animal sports such as horse racing whereas Tipping is for any kind of lottery, betting and sports.

The stand of online gambling in Norway

Like her neighbor Sweden, Norway has banned online gambling and has remained strict about this. The Norwegian government used the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act of the U.S. to make their own law against online gambling. The European Union did not have control over their decision as it had on Sweden since it withdrew its membership to the Union. The Act was put in place after foreign online gambling sites had started attracting the Norwegians. This has however not stopped the game lovers from gambling on other international sites and the Norwegian authorities have lost grip on this.

The people of Norway still play offshore gambling games although the law prohibits them. There are sites that even allow transactions in Norwegian currency and even present their games in the native Norwegian language.

The largest fear that one may face while gambling online in Norway is the fact that it may be hard to process cash in the local banks. The Payment Act of Norway that was enacted in 2010 has prohibited any transactions from gambling to be processed in the local banks.