Match Bonuses

It has become obvious that most of the online casino websites tend to offer their players bonuses as a way to encourage them to play at the site or reward them for choosing to play at the site. Match bonus is no different from the other kinds of bonuses only that it will usually be offered to you so that it matches the amount of money that you will deposit at the site. The main aim of this kind of bonus is to improve your bankroll and enable you to enjoy the services that are offered at the site for a little bit longer.

What should you do to receive the match bonus?

For you to receive the match bonus is very simple, you have to sign up at the online casino website and deposit a certain amount that the online casino website will have specified. You however need to note that all the online casino websites that will be offering you the match bonus will usually have set a limit of a certain amount in which you can deposit to receive this kind of bonus. This is usually done as a measure and prevent people from exploiting the online casino.

So how do the match bonus get awarded?

Different online casino websites will usually have different ways of awarding the match bonus. However, the method or system is usually the same and can include some of the examples below;

Let’s assume that you want to sign up at an online casino website that offers a match bonus of 100% up to $100 when you sign up with a minimum of $10, there are a number of options that can come up from this:

  1. You get to deposit $25, the online casino website will offer you $25 absolutely free and you get to play with a bankroll of $50.
  2. When you deposit $50, the online casino website is obliged to give you $50 for free so that you can play with a bankroll of $100.

You can continue to do the math and compare different rates that the online casino website will be offering you before settling with the one that has the best rates.