Keno, also known as the White Pigeon game, is probably one of the oldest online casino game that started around 3000 years ago. The roots of this online casino game can be traced back to the ancient Chinese game that was originally started by Cheung who invented the game with the sole aim of raising funds to buy weapons for soldiers.

That however was 3000 years ago with the game being improved for the better so as to suit the modern culture. In the past, keno had 80 choices to pick from similar to today’s game only that the 80 choices that you had to pick from were characters that were based on a poem that was referred to as the 1000 character poem. In today’s format, the games choices come from 80 numbers that you will be able to pick from.

Keno rules

For you to play Keno, you need to understand that there are usually 80 numbers that you are supposed to choose from. Most of the online casino websites will often ask you to pick numbers from 2-10 per game even though some will give you an option of picking up to 15 games.

Once you are done choosing the numbers, you get to place your bets. The bets can vary from one online casino to another with the least rates being $1. Make sure that you place a bet that you are sure will not deplete off your bankroll.

After you have placed the amount of money that you want to place your bet, you get to choose the number of games that you will play. In most of the online casino websites, you can choose from 2-10 numbers in each game but some have the limit set at 15. The advantage of choosing the games in bulk is that there are online casino websites that will offer you discounts for bulk purchases.

After this, you place your bet on the online casino and wait for the online casino machines to pick the numbers that will win. It will be rare for your numbers to be chosen all of them given the percentage payout of this game. The house will normally have up to an edge of 25% on average. There is hope however as there are online casino websites that will still pay you for some numbers.

Online keno strategy

When you want to play Keno online, these are some of the points that will help you as beginner or a professional. You may have heard or read about some of these tips but they are crucial as they will help you greatly;

If you want to win bigger amounts of money, make sure that you place large bets on smaller number of games.

Always make sure that you pick fewer numbers so as to ensure that you get to win big. Would you prefer to bet and pick many numbers at once and loose some of the numbers or bet the same amount of money on few numbers and get to win 90% of the times over a longer period of time?

Always ensure that you try out the free playing mode to ensure that you warm up before you can start playing for real money.