Italy Gambling

Just like many other countries in Europe, Italy has its legislation regarding gambling as well. The state of Italy has given a lot of power to give rights to gambling activities. The state thus has monopoly power regarding the gambling market. The AAMS, which is the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoly di Stado is the Autonomous Administration of the state monopolies is entrusted by all the matters of gambling. The violation of the conditions put forth by the AAMs has severe consequences including imprisonment, forfeitures, parole, fines, criminal trial as well as other restrictions of freedom. The restrictions may mean that as a player, you will never be allowed to gamble anywhere in Italy. You may also be punished by withdrawal of business licenses, suspension as well as monetary fines.

The state of Italy formerly banned gambling. However, it now has shifted the ban now duels on differentiating between the illegitimate and the legitimate forms of gambling. It has been doing a lot into leading the approach to legislation of the online gambling.

The state of Italy gave out a tender of processing the gambling legislation which was finished on the 28th of December, 2006. There were 33 licenses of remote gaming which was given only to the large online gaming operators which were foreign based. These operators included the Unibet, William Hill, 888, Intralot and Betfair.

The secure online gambling was marked by the Finance Act 2007 (FA07) in Italy. The card games were deemed skill based if their organization is in any form of tournament or and their stake is limited to the entry fee charged to take part in the tournament. The latter stated above was meant to legalize the tournaments of online poker which fell into skill game type automatically.

The remaining FA07 provided that all the other foreign based gambling sites should be granted a license before being allowed to operate Italy. The license should be granted by the AAMS. About 500 plus sites which were considered illegal were blacklisted in February 2006. Other foreign online gambling sites were also prone to sanctions as well.

The online gaming opened its possibilities in February 2011 by passing of a new decree, Comunitara, that legalized online casino and poker cash games in Italy.