Ireland Gambling

Each and every country has its own laws of gambling. Ireland has its own laws of gambling as well. The online gambling exploded to popularity in Ireland in the past years. The Irish are allowed to gamble on international sites through the internet. The name given to such foreign sites is remote operators. However, the foreign sites do not pay tax, whereas the domestic online sites do pay tax. The government has thus decided to amend the Bill 2012 so as to make the foreign online gambling sites which operates in Ireland to pay taxes as well. The rules which are stricter are to be introduced so as to control the licensing methods and procedures I Ireland. The bill will see all the unlicensed sites operating in Australia blocked.

The government of Ireland through the Prime Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter has come up with the details of the new legislation of gambling which will expand the giving out of licenses to the online gaming, as well as the size, and limit the number of casinos in Ireland. The new bill states that whoever is interested in the online gambling business should obtain a license. This bill however does not affect or touch the National Lottery.

In the statement, Alan Shatter stated that the law is aimed at protecting the gambling adults and young ones who are vulnerable. The law is also expected to bring the certainty which is legal the areas of Ireland. The bill also aimed at regulating all the gambling activities in Ireland which was to be recognized internationally. The only accepted number of casinos in Ireland should not exceed 40.

How legitimate is gambling in Ireland?

Gambling online is legal in Ireland. It is one of the most liberal countries when it comes to online gambling. The online gambling was legalized twelve years ago, in 2003 to be exact. Irish government provides licenses to operate internet gambling even to the foreigners. However, for tax purposes, some are held offshore. The government does not prohibit betting on foreign sites. The sports bets collects the taxes at the constant rate of 2%.

Did you know?

Ireland is set to be the first country ever to have all the tax proceedings help the national bloodstock industry with revenues up to $35 million? According to the country’s Finance minister, Michael Noonan, they have sent a bill to the European commission to allow the country take part of the online gambling revenues and use it to help the blood bank in the country. The bill had not been passed as of the end of 2014 but is likely to go through before the end of the year.