France Gambling

In France, all kinds of gambling, be it offline or online are legal and regulated as well. However, France has always been a nation that is gambling friendly. The major worry about this online gambling business in France is about the heavy taxes and the excessive regulation which makes it so hard to stay in the online gambling business. Most of the online gambling firms which had gained the license in the year 2010 have since left the market. The players are affected by the hefty taxes imposed on them as well. This has pushed most of the players to choose to do their online gambling business on the foreign sites which are not licensed.

What options do you have as a players?

As a player, there are many options that you can decide to choose. There are no set laws that make you as a player, a criminal to play at the sites which are not licensed. If you are a player and you wish to play gambling games online you can choose to play either from the licensed or the unlicensed sites. The players thus have the option of playing at a wider range of several other options.

How does France regulate the online gambling?

The most drastic change in the online gambling in France occurred in 2010 due to the pressure from the European Union which demanded to halt its restrictive laws of gaming. The government of France passed and enacted the Gambling Act, which was law number 2010-476. This law put in place the Regulatory Authority for online games (ARJEL), whose sole responsibility was to license and provides regulations of the online gambling in France. The law disbanded the monopoly of the government which previously existed. The law also opened free competition from the foreign online gambling sites of the European Union. Other gaming sites joined the market and more than 35 countries applied for the licenses. They became among the first entities which were non-governmental to provide online poker, horse racing as well as sports betting.

However, the traditional casino games were not included in the gaming sites in France which were licensed. The law brought in competition which favored the players now, but the worst thing currently to the players is the heavy taxes which these players pay.

What makes France one of the leading countries when it comes to gambling?

Gambling in France has been boosted by the legalization of the gambling activities by the government. The government in France has come up with regulatory bodies that ensure that the online casino industry is protected and that all the players, owners and customers, are protected from any harm that may come their way. This has encouraged more and more online casino websites to come up in the country. Also, France is known to have the roots of various online casino games such as roulette making it to have casinos that have specialized in offering customers these games. Also, the reputation of the online casino websites in France encourages more and more players from all over the world to play from the online casino websites located there.