Besides poker, blackjack is the other popular online casino card game. Also known as the 21, the game has very easy to understand rules, it is very thrilling and has excellent payout rate at the online casinos. Also, the casino odds of this particular game are usually small. However in most of the online casino websites making it a very popular casino game among many players.

Blackjack became very popular in the First World War, but you can trace its roots back to France where it was referred to as Vingt-et-Un; French word for 21. Today, blackjack is one of the leading casino game and can be found in almost all the online gambling houses and also in various homes. In the online casino version, the house is usually the dealer while at our various homes, anyone can be able to be the dealer.

Blackjack rules:

When you want to play blackjack, you need to make sure that you understand the various rules that are involved or linked to the game. You first of all need to know that the game will usually be played with a 52-card deck that will not have the jokers. The 52-card deck will be used to ensure that you do not have to reshuffle the cards after each and every hand and also to make card counting more difficult. Each and every online casino will usually have different numbers of decks and can range from two to eight decks in each shoe.

To play blackjack, you will need to have chips that you will use to bet with which you will usually buy from the dealer directly. The chips will vary in denominations and will be as follows;

Black will be equivalent to $100

Green equivalent to $50

Red equivalent to $5

White equivalent to $1

With that said, you need to note that your aim as a player is to beat the dealer by accumulating higher points than the dealer but not to exceed 21. Cards from #2 through to #10 usually have the face value while Q, K and J are usually worth 10 points each. The Ace will usually have either 1 or 11 points depending on how you will want it to be valued.

Free Game to test play:

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At the beginning of each and every game, you and the dealer will usually receive two cards each with your cards being dealt face up while the dealer face down. After you have been dealt with the cards, the game begins with each and every player taking action in an anti-clockwise way from the player who was dealt the cards last.

As a player, you can decide to make use of the side rules then take your hand as it is (stand) or you can decide to take more and more cards from the deck (hit) until you feel the hand is strong enough to go against the dealer’s hand or until your hand goes over 21, a situation that you will automatically loose (bust)

Once every player is done playing, the dealer turns over his hidden hole card. If the dealer has the natural 21 (blackjack) among the two cards, he will not pick any more cards. If you have a blackjack, you will lose the bet, if not, the bet will be pushed – bet will be returned to you.

If the dealer does not have a natural, he/she will be forced to take more cards (hit) or stand depending on the value of the cards that he/she will be having in hand. As compared to you, the dealer’s every action will usually be dictated by rules that have been set by the casino. He, therefore, needs to hit if the hand is lower than 17, otherwise he/she will stand. If the dealer goes bust, you and all the other players who will still be in the game will win.

Blackjack Strategy:

Whenever you are playing blackjack, never split two 5s and 10s but you can split 8s.

Always double down in the event that you get a count of 10 and the dealer’s cards are less 9 or are 9.

Make sure that you stand on any hand that will total to 17 or higher.

While picking up a table at the online casino, ensure that you have picked one that has no more than 5% of your cash.

Always ensure that you bet sizes that will match your bankroll to avoid financial problems in the future.