One of the best and appreciated online casino games is Bingo. It is an exciting game that has been around for ages and is played widely by children at school and home and adults as well at various social places and online casinos. Most people play this game for fun even though some would like to add the thrill of putting some money on this game.

There are two kinds of bingo games; the 90-ball bingo and the 75-ball bingo with each having different gameplay. To get to understand this game, you should read the rules below.

Bingo rules:

The main aim of this game is to make sure that you have filled a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line on a gridded card that you will be provided with. This is usually achieved by matching combinations of letters and numbers. There are different rules depending on the game of bingo that you decide to choose.

The 90-ball bingo rules

To play the 90 ball bingo, you will be provided with cards with each card having three rows with nine columns. Each of this five rows will usually have five randomly chosen numbers that will be between 1 and 90 and four empty square to complete the lineup. Each of the tickets will usually get you a strip of six cards which implies that you will get 90 numbers that ensure that you will always have a number to mark off whenever a number is called off.

70-ball bingo rules

The gameplay involved while playing 90 ball bingo is not the same as the one that is involved while playing 90-ball bingo. Unlike in the 90-ball bingo where the prize is always on a straight line of a neatly marked off number, the winning patterns in the 70-ball bingo can chop and change. In this game, you buy your strip of cards and mark the numbers as they are called out randomly. However, when you have picked up the cards, you may notice that the numbers in the game will keep climbing from one to 75 and the layout of the cards change; usually swapping three rows and nine columns for a very neat square of five by five. Instead of having 12 blank squares, there will only be one that will be placed right in the middle of the card.

You also need to note that different cards will usually have different ways of winning with new patterns set for each game.