Baccarat is a game that was introduced in France in the late 1490’s and originally was reserved for the high rollers in the traditional land-based casinos. However, with the introduction of the online casino websites, this game has become popular and anyone who has the basic knowledge on the game can just log onto any online casino and start enjoying it. It is among the card games and will usually involve comparing cards and is usually played between two hands. There are three popular kinds of the game;

Punto banco that is also referred to as the North American baccarat:

Baccarat chemin de fer or simply Chemmy.

Baccarat Banque.

Of the three games, Punto Banco is the most popular one as there is usually the most popular one as there is no strategy or skill involved.

Playing the game

One thing that you need to note while playing the game is that you will be playing against the computer or in against the banker if it is in the land based casinos. Once you are logged onto the site, you will be assigned the player hand while the computer or online casino will be designated with the banker’s hand.

While playing the game, your major objective is to make sure that you do not get a zero at the end of the hand. You will always try to use two or three cards – with the aim of getting a hand that will total 9 or close to 9 as possible. You also need to know the value of the cards that are in your hand with face cards 2-9 having their values, the Ace having 1 point and the jack, king, queen and 10 all worth 10 points. To get the value of your card, you can use the Modulo system that usually requires you to count the total but use the remainder. Let’s take an example, when you have a 6 and a 9, the total will be 15 making the value of your hand being 5 (which is the second digit of the result.) if you are dealt with a 3 and 5, you get an 8 which will imply that you have a natural and hence win the bet.

Like stated before, the rules of the game will usually be separated into the banker and player. In this situation, it is like a player that will put his/her money on the game so that you and the other players can bet against the bankers’ money (in this case the casino). Once the cards have been shuffled, the dealer will usually deal 4 cards. After this, you and the other players will decide on which ones to place the bet on. There is usually a chance for you to stand pat with the cards that you will have, take another card or win automatically with a natural. You however need to note that the rules that govern who will take a third card are usually tight and will depend on your total. If your first two cards total 0-5, you can take a card. If you have a total of 6 or 7, you will have to stand. 

The player’s third card will usually be;

A 6 or a 7, will lead to the Banker drawing when holding 0-6, and stays with a 7

A 2 or a 3, will lead to the Banker drawing when holding 0-4, and stays with a 5-7

A 4 or a 5, will lead to the Banker drawing when holding 0-5, and stays with 6 or 7

With 9, 10, Ace or face-card, the Banker draws when holding 0-3, and stays with a 4-7

An 8, will lead to the Banker drawing when holding 0-2, and stays with a 3-7